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About The Registry

The International Automotive Media Registry (IAMR) is a for-profit entity established to support the efforts of the International Society for Vehicle Preservation (ISVP), the International Automotive Media Competition (IAMC), and the North American Concept Vehicle of the Year (NACVOTY) award program.

Building on 34 years of ISVP heritage, the 25-year IAMC legacy, and the 15-year history of the NACVOTY awards, the Registry's primary goal will be to conduct automotive media-related educational and recognition events on a national and international scale. The Registry will also offer database and related services to the automotive media community.

Funding for the Registry will be based primarily on corporate sponsorships from the automotive industry, as well as subscription-based access to the Registry's media database. In addition to recognition for their support of IAMR-produced media events, sponsors and subscribers will also be entitled to discounts on event fees, along with other negotiated group discounts on goods and services.

Your participation in the Registry will help ensure the future of many important educational and recognition events for members of the automotive media community.