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Registry FAQ

Is the Registry intended to compete with/replace the regional automotive media organizations?

The short answer is no, not at all. We believe that the regional groups serve an important and continuing need -- namely, getting news-makers in front of automotive media professionals locally, face-to-face, as often as possible. In spite of 24/7 electronic connectivity, there is still no substitute for direct, person-to-person contact when it comes to building relationships and gaining an understanding of complex topics. We intend to continue our long-term membership in and support of the regional groups.

However, as the media landscape evolves, both inside and outside the automotive industry, there are a growing number of qualified journalists for whom active participation in one of the regional media groups is geographically impractical. While the Registry can't offer monthly, in-person, local networking events to this audience, our plans do call for developing networking opportunities co-located with national/international automotive events. Just as important as the physical networking opportunities, the Registry also serves to keep the increasingly dispersed automotive media community connected through access to the subscriber contact database.

Is the Registry a membership organization?

While the Registry receives guidance from an advisory council made up of automotive media professionals, it is not an association or club. Media professionals can participate in the Registry through an annual subscription to our global media contact database, and through advertising or sponsorships.