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To:  11th & 12th Grade Public & Private School Students of Toronto

Since 2002, the North American Concept Vehicle of the Year (NACVOTY) Awards have recognized the automotive industry’s concept vehicles that made the strongest impact in terms of automotive design, engineering and market responsiveness. These awards are unique in that they are judged by a diverse panel of automotive journalists from throughout Canada and the US, and are considered in the specific context of the North American market.

For NACVOTY it is not enough to celebrate the automotive designs and engineering feats of today, we also want to encourage the designers and engineers of the future. For the first time in Canada, NACVOTY is conducting a Student Concept Car Design Scholarship Competition, “CANADA DREAM CARS”.

Enter to win a cash scholarship toward your higher education by submitting your Dream Car design. Illustrate your ideas of what the future of automotive transportation will look like, whether it’s a new spin on a popular racing-inspired compact performance car, a long-range look into connected, sustainable, environmentally-friendly commuter transportation, or some other facet of the future automotive market.

Your CANADA DREAM CARS design should be submitted as one or more 28" wide by 22" high mounted artboards. The design must be presented in a minimum of three different perspectives, including a rendering of the passenger compartment with instrumentation and driver controls identified. Special attention should be given to suggesting how/why the concept vehicle could connect to its operating environment and the "Cloud/Internet of Things."

The entry must include a detailed written description (up to three pages) describing how the design was conceptualized, its technical and general specifications, and the transportation needs the design seeks to fulfill.

Judging criteria include: Strength, originality and creative qualities of the vehicle; Description of the target market for the vehicle; Advanced materials and technologies considered; and How well the concept is communicated in images and writing.

The program commences in September, with entries due by December 1st. Entries will be judged by a panel of automotive industry experts. Winners will be notified February 1, 2018. Pending approval, the entries will be displayed and winners publicly announced at the 2018 Canadian International Auto Show.

Scholarship Awards will be held in trust and paid to the selected institution of higher learning through the student, upon enrollment. First Place Award $3,000; Second Place Award $2,000; Third Place Award $1,000; Fourth Place Finalists $500.

Resources from our 2003 Dream Rides program in Miami, Florida.

Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform Infographic

It's not just the boys' club - MotorWeek's "Designing Woman" segment
featuring Acura NSX designer Michelle Christensen.

More information will be posted as it becomes available.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any other questions you might have:
Tom Kelley, Managing Director                      Nancy Chiasson, Canadian Director
704-599-0570  (USA)                                    613-282-1636