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IAMC Results

25th International Automotive Media Competition Winners Recognized

PLYMOUTH, MI, July 31, 2016 / – Awards for the 25th International Automotive Media Competition (IAMC) were presented this morning during a ceremony held at the Concours d’Elegance of America at St. John’s.

The IAMC program recognizes and encourages excellence in all forms of automotive media. From works published, aired, or broadcast January 1 - December 31, 2015, judges deemed 138 entries worthy of special distinction, with 40 receiving Gold Medallion awards, 52 receiving Silver Medallions, and 46 receiving Bronze Medallions.

Star-2015-13-GuthierThe Best of 2015 Award went to the Original Photography division entry of Norbert Guthier's "The Big Trek" in MBCA's The Star Magazine, July-August, 2015 issue.

Entries often reach the pinnacle of competition by offering exhaustive and intricate detail, . . . but occasionally, the true genius of an entry is in its simplicity and true artistry; knowing when to offer just a taste, and when to overwhelm the senses. Any less would have been too little, and even a tiny bit more would have been too much. The entry recognized as the Best of 2015 has met that test, and found the exact point of perfection.

Judging for the IAMC is by peers, to a standard; entries may earn up to 100 points. The Medallion Awards -- Bronze (85-91 points), Silver (92-96 points) and Gold (97-100 points) -- are presented for those works so qualified. From among the highest-scoring (98-100 points) Gold Medallion winners are chosen the Best of Divisions, with Best of 2015 being chosen from the Best of Division awardees.

A list of all the winning entries can be found here.

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The full listing of awards for 2014 and prior years, as well as an overview of the criteria for these peer-driven awards are available as a PDF at the links below: