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26th IAMC Entry Rules

IAMC-Gold-ShadeFinal Entry Deadline: May 15, 2017

On-Time Entry Fee: USD $65.00 -- Late Entry Fee: USD $70.00

2016 Entry Form

Division & Category Update Information
Complete (Printable) List Of Divisions & Categories


International Automotive Media Awards Presented
Best of 2016 Best overall entry for 2016, to be selected from the Best of Division winners.

Best of Division: Best of Division winners are selected from the Gold award winners in each division having 98 points or better.

Category Awards: Gold, Silver and Bronze awards are presented in each category, as determined by the judges. As works are judged against a standard, and not against each other, it is possible to have multiple Gold awards in a category, or no Gold award in a category.


Judging of entries is by peers. Entries must meet a minimum standard to qualify for awards. If no entry in a category meets the minimum standards no award will be made in that category. Entries will be judged by Category within their Division.

The maximum number of points to be earned is 100. Bronze awards are given for entries achieving 85-91 points; Silver awards are given for 92-96 points; and Gold awards are given for 97-100 points.

This program is to recognize and encourage excellence in all forms of automotive communications. Judges' decisions are final.


Entries may be submitted in English, French or Spanish. All entries must have automotive-related subject matter. Material may be entered that has been published and has a cover or air date between January 1, 2016 and December 31, 2016. Example: A January 2017 cover date is not eligible this year, even if the ‘on sale’ date was December 31st or earlier.


Award Divisions & Categories
Division & Category Update Information
Complete (Printable) List Of Divisions & Categories
NOTE: As with anything that has been subjected to its first major change in several years, there are bound to be some adjustments as we go through the learning curve on the updated Divisions and Categories. If there's anything we can do to make the process or information clearer, please advise, and if there's anything you're uncertain about, please query.


Submit your best work. To speed the judging process there is a limit of two entries per person/author per category. An entrant (publisher, creator, etc) may make multiple submissions within the above parameters. If the judges decide that an entry does not fit the category entered, they may re-categorize it.

With the exception of book and total issue entries, one physical “tear copy" and one “digital copy" (PDF file, JPG file, WMV/MPG file, MP3/WAV file, etc.) of your work will be required for each entry. For book and total issue entries, submit two physical copies. A "digital display" depicting your entry is required for all entries. If in doubt, please query.

The "tear copy" of your entry should be a copy from the original production run, as originally produced for the audience’s consumption. In the case of electronically distributed audio or video entries, the “tear” copy should be submitted on CD/DVD at the same resolution/quality as it was originally distributed. The tear copies may be displayed at an awards event, so you may wish to consider mounting or other presentation methods within the limits of the entry rules.

The “digital copy” of your entry should be a complete/full-length copy, submitted in a format compatible with viewing/listening on a mac or pc computer (PDF file, JPG file, WMV/MPG file, MP3/WAV file, etc.). This copy may be used for judging purposes, so please  ensure that the file is distribution friendly. If you have questions about the digital copy of your entry, please inquire.

Unlike the “digital copy," the "digital display" of your entry is strictly a screen resolution (maximum 450 pixels high x 600 pixels wide) image to represent your entry on-screen during an awards presentation. Examples include an image of the opening page or opening spread of an article, an image of the cover for book and best issue entries, a screen-capture for web entries, a still shot from a video entry, or a production team photo for audio entries.

Though you may enter as many categories as you like, with up to two entries per category, the same piece of work may not be entered in two separate categories, i.e., if an article is entered as writing under “car show,” it can not also be entered as writing under “column,” or “feature article.” Note: Only one entry per category per person will receive an award. This does not affect the number of categories in which you may achieve an award.

Complete an online entry form for each submission, providing all required/relevant information. After submitting the form online, you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing the form data. Please print a copy of this e-mail and firmly attach it to the back of the “tear” copy of each entry you are making. Entries that do not have the e-mail confirmation form attached will not be accepted.


Preparation of Entries
Magazine/Newspaper articles should be removed from the publication and original tear sheets submitted. Do not submit articles that are still bound into the original publication. Tear sheets of all articles that were originally published within a magazine or newsletter should be submitted in clear sheet protector, one page per sheet protector so each page (front and back) can be read easily. Sheet protectors may be stapled on left edge; binders or folders are not required but will be accepted.

Newspaper tear sheets should be submitted in an appropriate manner to facilitate handling; in folders or protector sheets as size dictates. Unprotected tear sheets are not acceptable for judging. The tear sheet should include the headline, byline, all images and jumps, and should not be edited from the original print run.

Photo entries should include a 5-inch by 7-inch or larger print of the original un-cropped photo as well as publication copies showing the work as it appeared in print. Judges will consider both the original photo and the printed copy. Please submit in folder.

Graphic and design entries should be mounted on foamcore/gatorboard, whenever practical, with identifying labels attached. Never include more than one entry on a board. Board size should not be less than 9-inches by 12-inches, nor exceed 22-inches by 28-inches.

NOTE: Do not edit radio, video or internet entries in any way; submit entry as aired/posted, in its entirety. If a segment, indicate both the beginning and the ending of the clock. Submit each video entry on a clearly labeled CD/DVD, ready to play.

Submit each radio entry on clearly labeled standard CD/DVD, ready to play. Multiple spots can be provided for a single entry if they were developed for one series or campaign. In this case, provide five seconds of leader between each spot.

Compact disc (CD/DVD) entries must be submitted on Mac and PC-compatible platform. Submission should be in plastic holder or paper envelope.

Internet submissions are to be on CD/DVD, giving a sample of what they have, and their Web page addresses. Submission must be suitable for looking at with either Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari. CD/DVD submission should be in plastic holder or paper envelope.

The completed entry package should be shipped to:

26th International Automotive Media Competition
4429 Back Creek Church Road

Charlotte, NC  28213

26th International Automotive Media Competition
1473 Waltham Street
Ottawa, ON, K1T 2T5


Pack your entry(s) very well. Some will be shipped several times before the judging is completed.


Awards Distribution
Each winning entry will receive one award. If there are multiple contributors to the work, duplicate awards may be purchased. Awards will be presented at the Concours d'Elegance of America in Plymouth, Michigan on Sunday, July 30, 2017. If no one is present to accept your award, it will be shipped to you via ground service as time permits. For expedited shipment, please provide your FedEx, UPS or DHL account number and it will be given priority attention.


Contact Information
Questions regarding the awards program, contact:

Tom Kelley
Voice - 704-599-0570
E-Mail - tom.kelley@automediaregistry.org
Web - AutoMediaRegistry.org


Terms & Conditions
The fee for each entry is USD $65.00. Entries submitted after 4/17/2017 will be subject to a USD $5.00 late fee. No entry fees will be refunded or returned.

Neither IAMR nor its sponsors or affiliates nor anyone working as an awards judge accepts responsibility for any work that is damaged, lost, or stolen.

All materials submitted remain with IAMR, and may be used in promoting current and future events. Copyright remains with owner. IAMR claims no reproduction or copyright interest in the above.


The International Automotive Media Competition program is administered by The International Automotive Media Registry (IAMR). All awards are final. All entries are made at the discretion of the entrant. Entering does not mean that you will be presented with an award or receive recognition for entering. The use of an award for commercial purposes is permissible, e-mail IAMR for details as to how to present it.

Copyright © 2017, IAMR.