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International Automotive Media Competition

The International Automotive Media Competition (IAMC) recognizes and encourages excellence in all forms of automotive media.

Judging is by peers, to a standard; entries may earn up to 100 points. The medallion-level International Automotive Media Awards (IAMAs) -- Bronze (85-91 points), Silver (92-96 points) and Gold (97-100 points) -- are presented for those works so qualified. From among the highest scoring Gold awards (98-100 points), the Best of Division awards are chosen, with Best of Year awardee being chosen from the Best of Division awardees. Therefore, the Medallion IAMAs are a competition against a standard, whereas the Best of Divisions and Best of Year IAMAs are a competition against other award-winning entries.

26th IAMC Entry Form & Competition Rules

IAMC Lifetime Achievement Award

Since 1998, this award has been given to an individual who has, in the eyes of his or her peers, made a substantial contribution to the craft for a period of twenty-five or more years. This award is determined by several members of the automotive media, representing a variety of disciplines, voting for names submitted by a separate, smaller group of nominators. Nominators and voters change annually. The continual varying of nominators and voters ensures a broad cross-section of input in determining the recipient each year.

Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients

Jesse Alexander - Video
Peter Brock
David E. Davis - Video
John H. Davis
Jim Dunne
Chris Economaki
Jerry Flint
Ken Gross
Beverly Ray Kimes
Karl Ludvigsen
John Lamm
Pete Lyons
Leon Mandel
Denise McCluggage
Tony Swan
Brock Yates