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#IAMC26 & #NACVOTY16 – The Best of the Best

Just a few short days until we announce the “best of the best” in the world of automotive media and concept vehicle design. As part of the 39th Annual Concours d’Elegance of America on Sunday morning, July 30th, in historic Plymouth, Michigan, the awards for the 26th International Automotive Media Competition (IAMC), and the 16th North American Concept Vehicle of the Year (NACVOTY) Awards will recognize the auto industry’s top communicators and designers.

Whether from the press or public relations side of the business, the IAMC recognizes and encourages excellence in all forms of automotive media. There are entry divisions for books, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, photography, digital artwork, video, radio/audio, websites, and more.

In addition to IAMC Bronze/Silver/Gold Medallion awards, and Best of Division/Best of Year awards, a Lifetime Achievement Award is bestowed upon an individual who has, in the eyes of his or her peers, made a substantial contribution to the automotive media craft for a period of twenty-five or more years.

Since 2002, the NACVOTY awards program has recognized the concept vehicles that have made the strongest impact in terms of automotive design, engineering and market responsiveness. These awards are unique in that they are judged by a diverse panel of automotive journalists from throughout Canada and the US, and considered in the specific context of the North American market.

NACVOTY awards are presented to the Concept Car of the Year, the Concept Truck of the Year, and Production Preview Concept of the Year. From these category winners, the highest scoring is named “Most Significant Concept of 2017.”

Stay tuned to these pages on Sunday afternoon, July 30th, when we’ll publish the list of the award winners.

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