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IAMR Announces 26th IAMC Call For Entries

CHARLOTTE, NC, November 22, 2016 / - The International Automotive Media Registry (IAMR) is proud to announce its Call for Entries for the 26th International Automotive Media Competition (IAMC).

Beginning today, entries for the 26th IAMC can be submitted online at AutoMediaRegistry.org. Full rules and instructions are also available on the website. Whether from the press or public relations side of the business, virtually all forms of automotive media (except advertising), produced for distribution between January 1, 2016, and December 31, 2016, are eligible for entry.

There are competition divisions for books, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, photography, digital artwork, video, radio/audio, websites, public relations, and more. The deadline for on-time entries is April 1, 2017.

So as not to duplicate, but to augment, other automotive media award programs, the IAMC focuses its recognition on the specific works of automotive journalism/media (book, article, show, photo, etc.), rather than selecting an entity behind a body of work as the best writer/photographer/etc.

All entered works are scored against a thoroughly-refined standard scale, and those achieving sufficient points are recognized with Bronze, Silver or Gold medallion awards. Only the highest scoring Gold award winning entries compete against each other for Best of Division and Best of Year.

To stay on top of the latest news about the International Automotive Media Competition, please sign up for the 26th IAMC mailing list at: http://goo.gl/jBNtOJ on the web.

25th IAMC Call For Entries

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Jesse Alexander Voted IAMC Lifetime Achievement Award for 2015

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